The Dark Ages (through 2014)

  • Much history has been lost during the reign of King Mael Glahn.
  • House Callir is annexed into the realm.
  • Buck departs into lands unknown.
  • The rebellious realm of Vanaheimr rises and falls.
  • The realm unifies its weekly training field at Burnet Woods.


  • King Mael Glahn retreats into hiding.
  • Regulus and Valnir attend A&G Con for recruitment - succeed in capturing Rook.
  • Sir Oger Wolfcaller and Sir Hamish of Bloodhorde take up residence in the realm.
  • Realm founder Rap Spaceington returns from a long absence.
  • Warriors from Lexington invade the Summer's End battle.
  • New officers are elected - Filtiarn, Alidria, Nanook, Regulus.
  • House Callir fades and dissolves.
  • Sir Sarcin briefly returns to the realm from an extended tour of duty in foreign lands.


  • Filtiarn and Regulus attend Ragnarok War Council to represent Galladorn.
  • Former King Mael Glahn returns from hiding.
  • Hector establishes a second weekly training field at Eden park.
  • Alidria resigns and the realm continues with three officers.
  • Galladorn joins Rivendell in the great caravan to fight in the Winter War.
  • Jareth arrives from Einherjar during the dead of Winter.
  • Galladorn and Corvalin join together to celebrate the birthday of James the Just.


  • Faolan directs Galladorn and Corvalin to attend a CASTLE LARP flea market for recruitment.
  • Valnir resumes weekday practices and takes command.
  • Valnir leads Galladorn's charge through the Northside Parade.
  • Nanook and Regulus attend Ragnarok War Council to represent Galladorn.
  • Regulus creates a new realm website.
  • Filtiarn resigns as President and Jareth is elected.
  • The realm holds its first build day in many years at Regulus's private workshop.
  • Valnir initiates a plan for weekly social nights.