Galladorn Bylaws

Updated 03/31/2023
  • 1.
    • 1.1.
      • 1.1.1.
        Galladorn is open to everyone living within range of its territories or areas where no existing Dagorhir chapter is present. Anyone wishing membership residing within another realm's area of influence will be subject to a membership evaluation by the Galladorn Realm.
      • 1.1.2.
        No potential member will be denied membership due to sex, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
    • 1.2.
      • 1.2.1.
        In order to be considered an 'Active member', a member must attend a Galladorn event or practice or attend another Realm's event or practice while wearing Galladorn's symbol during at least six (6) times between Summer’s End of the previous year to Summer’s End of the current year (inclusive)
      • 1.2.2.
        In order to obtain a 'Voting membership', a member must be Active as well as pay a yearly membership fee of $20 to the Galladorn Treasury. The fee may not be paid until the member has attained Active status. In addition, the fee is discounted by the total amount the member has already paid to the realm through donations and troll at day battles for the current season.
      • 1.2.3.
        Voting members receive free troll to Galladorn day battles.
    • 1.3.
      • 1.3.1.
        The minimum age to participate in combat is thirteen (13). This requirement is void for any non-combatants wishing to join Galladorn.
      • 1.3.2.
        Those members under thirteen (13) years of age wishing to participate in combat may be allowed to participate in one on one combat, if and only if their parent/legal guardian is present at all times and the other combatant is in agreement.
      • 1.3.3.
        Fighters between ages thirteen (13) and fifteen (15) inclusively are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times for the duration of their fighting.
      • 1.3.4.
        For safety reasons individuals who are too young, medically unfit, or otherwise impaired may not be permitted to participate in combat as deemed by any realm official.
      • 1.3.5.
        New combatants are to use a single blue or a blue and shield until deemed proficient by a realm official.
    • 1.4.
      • 1.4.1.
        Convicted sex offenders are banned from Galladorn events and practices. Special considerations can be made on a case-by-case basis.
      • 1.4.2.
        Any person that consistently breaks bylaws and/or does not follow the Code of Conduct after multiple warnings may be banned with a majority vote.
    • 1.5.
      • 1.5.1.
        All participants, whether combatant or noncombatant, must have a signed and completed waiver on file.
      • 1.5.2.
        Members between the age of thirteen (13) and seventeen (17) inclusively must have a completed waiver notarized and with parent signature.
      • 1.5.3.
        All members are required to keep emergency contact information updated and current.
      • 1.5.4.
        No member may participate in any simulated combat including practices and/or events hosted by Galladorn unless they have a valid waiver/release.
  • 2.
    • 2.1.
      Elected Positions
      • 2.1.1.
        Government of the Galladorn Realm will consist of the following positions: President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
      • 2.1.2.
        No member may hold more than one (1) elected position.
      • 2.1.3.
        In the event of the President stepping down, either the Treasurer or Secretary will take his place for the remainder of the term.
      • 2.1.4.
        In the event of any other office becoming vacant the remaining two (2) officers will appoint someone to the position for the remainder of the term and be voted on by Galladorn members with simple majority vote.
      • 2.1.5.
        In the event that it is necessary to impeach one (1) or multiple officers, the Voting members of Galladorn can vote and impeach an officer by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote. The impeachment vote must be announced with a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice before the vote takes place.
      • 2.1.6.
        All officers are to fill in for any of the other offices when necessary.
    • 2.2.
      • 2.2.1.
          Representative of Galladorn.
          Addresses issues as necessary on and off the field.
          Oversees disciplinary matters within the Galladorn Realm.
          Sets/removes/adjusts RP titles for realm officers/former officers as he sees fit.
          Appoints officers to unelected positions as necessary, with approval from one (1) other elected official.
      • 2.2.2.
          Maintains attendance records for practice and events.
          Makes sure fighters sign waivers when necessary and maintains waiver records.
          Keeps minutes of realm meetings.
          Keeps records of membership status.
      • 2.2.3.
          Maintains the Galladorn treasury.
          Keeps a record of all monies collected and spent.
          Funds (treasury) are not to be spent without pre-approval from realm officers.
      • 2.2.4.
        Appointed Officials
          The term of appointed officials ends on Summer’s End, or may be ended prematurely at the discretion of the president and one (1) other elected official.
    • 2.3.
      • 2.3.1.
        Elections will be held once per year at Summer’s End.
      • 2.3.2.
        Voting members may nominate other Voting members, including themselves for election.
      • 2.3.3.
        Officers/candidates must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
      • 2.3.4.
        The officer's term begins the day following Summer’s End, and ends on Summer’s End the following year.
      • 2.3.5.
        Only members with a Voting membership are allowed to vote.
  • 3.
    • 3.1.
      Formation requirements
      • 3.1.1.
        The founding member(s) of a local unit must be an Active member.
      • 3.1.2.
        The proposed unit must consist of at least four (4) total members.
      • 3.1.3.
        The proposed unit must have a signed and completed Unit Charter.
    • 3.2.
      Unit Expectations and Galladorn Realm Requirements
      • 3.2.1.
        Units, both local and national, must act as positive representatives of the Galladorn Realm at all times.
      • 3.2.2.
        Units may develop their own requirements for garb, armor, weapons, and fighting style as long as the requirements are not in violation of the Dagorhir MoA or Galladorn bylaws.
      • 3.2.3.
        Units may use endurance tests, feats of strength, or other physical/mental trials to aid with characterization determining ranks and titles, and awarding certificates of merit, but the tests are to be conducted in a safe manner in keeping with the guidelines found in the MoA and Galladorn bylaws.
    • 3.3.
      Unit Leaders
      • 3.3.1.
        The Unit Leader(s) is/are responsible for their unit and its members.
      • 3.3.2.
        The Unit Leader(s) must ensure the units members fight in both a safe and acceptable manner as outlined in the MoA.
      • 3.3.3.
        The Unit Leader(s) must ensure the units members behave accordingly in public.
      • 3.3.4.
        The Unit Leader(s) must demonstrate a firm knowledge of Galladorn's safety rules and policies as well as the Dagorhir MoA.
      • 3.3.5.
        The Unit Leader(s) makes announcements to the unit's members regarding the realm.
      • 3.3.6.
        The Unit Leader must ensure any loaner weapons within the unit meet Dagorhir MoA standards.
      • 3.3.7.
        At their discretion the Unit Leader(s) may choose to delegate any or all of the above responsibilities to members of their unit but the Leader(s) is/are ultimately responsible if any of the above duties are not discharged as outlined.
  • 4.
    Combat Safety
    • 4.1.
      Galladorn uses the rules as set forth in the Dagorhir Manual of Arms (MoA).
    • 4.2.
      Realm officials may ban any action or maneuver not covered by the MoA if it is deemed to be a safety hazard to other fighters.
    • 4.3.
      Realm officials may limit the types of weapons a fighter can use (“demote”) if the fighter has proven to be a safety hazard for other fighters.
    • 4.4.
      Elected officials (or designated appointees) may demote the combatant for a period of one (1) practice.
    • 4.5.
      Demotion for more than one (1) practice may be implemented but only after a unanimous ruling by the Galladorn elected officials.
  • 5.
    • 5.1.
      Any Voting member may propose an amendment to the bylaws.
    • 5.2.
      Amendments to the bylaws must be proposed and seconded by another Voting member no later than one (1) week before a vote.
    • 5.3.
      Amendments to the bylaws will be voted on and passed by a simple majority of all Voting members present.
  • 6.
    Code of Conduct
    • 6.1.
      • 6.1.1.
        “Rule #1 a.k.a. don’t be a dick” – All members are expected to be honorable and respectful to other members at all times. Do not act with malice at any time during realm events or practices.
      • 6.1.2.
        Harassment and/or bullying in any form will not be tolerated. Should any member feel that he has been harassed or bullied, he should report it to a realm official immediately. The realm officials will decide on a course of action and attempt to swiftly rectify the problem.
      • 6.1.3.
        Hate speech or promotion of hate/terrorist groups is not permitted at Galladorn events and practices.
      • 6.1.4.
        All realm officers (both elected and appointed) are to hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior, garb, and both off and on-field honor than other members, as they are to set high standards for the realm.
      • 6.1.5.
        All members are to interpret the MoA and Galladorn bylaws in the spirit in which they were written, and not seek out loopholes for any reason.
    • 6.2.
      Event Camps
      • 6.2.1.
        Camps at events are to remain free of illegal substances and underage drinking/smoking.
      • 6.2.2.
        Camps are to remain family friendly as much as possible.
      • 6.2.3.
        Galladorn members and guests thereof are expected to be courteous to, and respectful of the wishes of, others players at any event, in or out of any camp.
  • 7.
    Change Log
    • 7.1.
      Section 1.2.1 was updated to include the 'off season' between summer's end and the season opener as counting towards attendance. As voted on at the season closer 2022.