Galladorn House Rules

Updated 10/15/2023


In 2023, Galladorn chose to become a Belegarth Realm, as it previously cross gamed between Belegarth and Dagorhir. As such these house rules remain here as a reference to what was. A vote will be held was Summer's End 2023 to introduce new house rules and potentially bring back a few olds ones.

Dagorhir Manual of Arms
Belegarth Book of War
  1. MOA: 5.2.6 BOW:
    SCA Helmets

    "SCA-style" (rigid metal with a bar grill) helmets are allowed at events and practices. Additionally, projectiles do not "pass through" (cause damage) when striking a bar grill. This supersedes Dagorhir's rule against bar grills and Belegarth's rule against rigid metal full helmets.

  2. MOA: 5.2.3 BOW:

    Chainmail will be checked to Dagorhir standards (using a 3/8" dowel, not ring thickness). This means that chain mesh ("sharkmail") is allowed. This supersedes Belegarth's rule that chainmail rings must be at least 20 gauge.

  3. MOA: BOW:,
    Weapon Weight

    Swung weapons 18" or shorter ("boot knives") do not have a minimum weight requirement. This supersedes Belegarth's rule that weapons under 24" do not have a weight requirement.

  4. Projectiles

    Thrown rocks and javelins are deadly (capable of causing damage) until they touch the ground, even after being deflected. This situation is not addressed in either game.

  5. MOA: 6.10

    Healing poems are allowed as per Dagorhir's MOA.

  6. Limbs Disabled "Potato"

    Being disabled in all four limbs (3 stabs and a strike, or 4 stabbed limbs) does not kill you. However, death can be called at any time by the player.

  7. Shield Check Safety

    Shield checks are only allowed from the front or sides. Shield Checks are defined as a combatant using the face or edge of their shield to make contact with another combatant while stationary or charging from two steps away or less, such that the combatant is able to stop their forward momentum within two steps..

  8. Feinting at Head

    Making an intentional weapon movement towards an opponents head to illicit a reaction (feinting) is illegal.

  9. Vernacular Communication

    The use of common terms to communicate hits and other such call outs is allowed. Players are not limited to the terms outlined in the B.o.W.