The man now known as Rot was at one time, a traveling merchant until a foul curse was inflicted upon him. A curse of undeath, and loss of memories of who he once was. This of course led to his new name. Fortunately, being without a pulse did not hamper his spirit. Quick to joke and laugh at the most dire of times; he now finds himself in the realm of Galladorn, selling his sword and service.

Attendance - Inactive

5/13/2018Monthly Day BattleVeterans Memorial Park
10/24/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/22/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
10/10/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/3/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/26/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/19/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/10/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/5/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/3/2017Summer's EndMonroe Community Park
8/27/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park