Even at a young age, Regulus knew he was destined to fight. He battled the other children in their own created wargames day after day. Towards the end of these battles, he met Jay of the Loch. During an expedition many years later, Jay revealed a stash of weapons in the back of his carriage. Regulus once again picked up a blade and knew that the time had come to return to the battlefield.

Attendance - Active

10/16/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/9/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/7/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
10/2/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/30/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/23/2018Summer's EndMonroe Community Park
9/18/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/16/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/15/2018Build DayRegulus's House
9/11/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/4/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/28/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/26/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
8/21/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/19/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
8/14/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/12/2018Monthly Day BattleVeterans Memorial Park
8/7/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
7/29/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
7/24/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
7/17/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
7/8/2018Monthly Day BattleVeterans Memorial Park
7/4/2018Northside ParadeNorthside
7/3/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
7/1/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
6/26/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
6/12/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
6/10/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
6/5/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
6/3/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
5/29/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
5/23/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
5/15/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
5/13/2018Monthly Day BattleVeterans Memorial Park
5/8/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
5/1/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
4/29/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
4/26/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
4/17/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
4/10/2018Weekly PracticeEden Park
4/8/2018Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
3/18/2018Season OpenerMonroe Community Park
3/14/2018NKU OpenerNorthern Kentucky University
3/11/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
3/10/2018Build DayRegulus's House
3/4/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/18/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/4/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
1/21/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
1/14/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
1/7/2018Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
12/28/2017Holiday HavokWestern Sports Mall
10/22/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
10/17/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/15/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
10/7/2017Build DayRegulus's House
10/3/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/1/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/26/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/24/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/17/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/12/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/10/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
9/5/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
9/3/2017Summer's EndMonroe Community Park
8/29/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/27/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
8/22/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/13/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
8/8/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
8/6/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
8/1/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
7/23/2017Champion's FeastMonroe Community Park
7/18/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
7/16/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
7/9/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
7/4/2017Northside ParadeNorthside
7/2/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
6/27/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
6/11/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
6/6/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
6/4/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
5/23/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
5/21/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
5/16/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
5/2/2017Weekly PracticeEden Park
4/30/2017Weekly PracticeVeterans Memorial Park
4/23/2017Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
4/2/2017Season OpenerMonroe Community Park
3/19/2017LARP Flea Market and ExpoCamp Frielander
3/12/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
3/5/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/26/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/19/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/12/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
1/22/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
1/8/2017Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
12/11/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
12/4/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
11/20/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
11/6/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
10/30/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
10/23/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
10/9/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
10/4/2016Weekly PracticeEden Park
10/2/2016Summer's EndMonroe Community Park
9/25/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
9/18/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
8/28/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
8/14/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
7/17/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
7/10/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
6/12/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
6/5/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
5/29/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
5/15/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
5/8/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
5/1/2016Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
4/17/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
4/10/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
4/3/2016Season OpenerMonroe Community Park
3/20/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
3/13/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/28/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
2/7/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
1/31/2016Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
12/6/2015Weekly PracticeMonroe Community Park
11/22/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
11/15/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
11/8/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
10/18/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
10/11/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
9/27/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
9/20/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
9/13/2015Summer's EndBurnet Woods
9/6/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
8/29/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods
8/16/2015Weekly PracticeBurnet Woods